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Looking for truck scales or controllers? Our knowledgeable staff can provide the right scale and controller that will fit your needs and budget. We also carry a full line of wheel weighing scales.

Survivor seriesThe Survivor series portable scales come in 10-12 ft. NTEP-certified standard widths. They can handle 10ft through 120 ft lengths, feature 75,000 lb capacity load cells, and have a full scale capacity of 200,000 lbs

RW seriesThe RW series wheel-weighing scale comes in 10,000 & 20,000-lb capacities. They feature multi-axle weighing (up to 6 scales), have a 20-hour battery life, and use 7.2-volt rechargeable batteries.

truck tire scaleOur portable multi-wheel scales allow you to take readings easily and quickly.

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